General information and questions

Teaching English in Italy

Our English teaching internship program has a perfect mix of learning and teaching. It’s a great opportunity for a Student whose English is at a native standard and is interested in learning more about Italian culture and language whilst gaining valuable work experience. 


Our collaborator is a language school who promotes flexible teaching positions in different parts of Europe. They provide classes that are taught when the student decides, being really flexible to adapt to schedules. Classes will be 1 to 1 and last 30min per person. After these classes, the group lessons will startStudents to be taught are normally aged between 25 to 55.

You will start the program with training; starting to learn the teaching methods of the school. Training will start on the first week of your arrival. First, you will follow the lessons and gradually you will start to teach more and more.

The team you will work with is multilingual and the amount of Italian you will practice with your fellow colleagues and students depends entirely on your will to learn and speak the language. As well as that the school gives each of their trainees free Italian classes. You will have a great setting around you to learn, both Italian and teaching!

What is included?

- Teaching Internship in one of the schools
- Insurance
- 4/h Italian lessons a week

Salary & Payment

Your salary will be 500 Euros per month (for 8 hours of work per day). The salary is paid to you in cash or bank transfer.


We have several available locations for English teaching positions in Italy: 

  • Bologna  
  • Florence
  • Genoa  
  • Milan 
  • Naples  
  • Palermo
  • Rome  
  • Siena
  • Turin  
  • Venice

Every intern is in charge of arranging his own accommodation. However, we would like to help you to find your accommodation by providing the contacts of a variety of real estate agencies.

What information should interns provide?

If the internship is a part of your studies, you should be able to get a training agreement from your university or school. Italian legislation requires the interns to acquire a training agreement to recognise that the internship is a part of their studies. In case you have already graduated, contact us to check your options.

If you are European or from the US and staying less than 90 days, or you have valid Schengen access and you are less than 90 days you don’t need to get any Visas. Otherwise, if you will need a Visa there will be some necessary documents for visa application and we can provide more information about the process.

Interested in doing an English teaching internship?

If you are interested in doing your internship as an English teacher, please apply here APPLY LINK