What is included?


Internships Italy has two kind of programs: 

 - Open recruitment programs:

Within this service, we recruit for many companies all around the world. You can apply to all these programs totally free but the company will make the final decision based on your skills, abilities and languages spoken. To make them recognisable, all the vacancies which are indicated by a "No fees"! title are handled through the recruiting process. Click  here to find all of the open programs.

 - Mediation services:

 The mediation service is a customised, adaptable service where we try to find you the perfect internship based on your requirements. Please note that this service is not free.

For the mediation service, the process to follow is the next one:

1) Send us your CV and motivational letter
2) Read, understand and sign our service contract and pay the deposit* and we will start arranging your internship.
3) Skype interview with the company.
4) Accepted? Closing payments and contracts with the university.

 * The deposit is 100€. In case that you are not accepted for an internship with the defined conditions, we will refund it in max. 48 hours.


** The price of the mediation service is 490 €. VAT included. 

Download the PDF Contractfile here to apply and learn more about legal terms and conditions!
Click here to find all the programs!


 Mediation services friends promotion: Bring a friend! Once his internship is closed, you will get 30% discount! 1 friend, 30% - 2 friends 50%.

What is included?

Internship Placement: in local Business or organisation

Lodging assistance

Placement Testing

Certificate of Completion

Pre-Departure Information

Planning Guide

** See policy for definitions and exclusions.

24 Hour Emergency Multilingual Hotline


Our positions may include:

Accommodation + food OR asmall stipend usually between 100 € - 300 € a month.

Prices of the programs

The total service fee is 490€ for all our programs.

Marketing or Business  490 € 
Advertising & Communication  490 € 
Graphic Design  490 € 
Tourism  490 € 
Hospitality and Tourism  490 € 
IT and Communication Technologies  490 € 

* Download the PDF file here to apply and learn more about the legal terms and conditions!
All the prices are VAT included.