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Program description

Internships In Italy Program


We have a strong understanding of the Italian labour market and application process, enabling you to find an appropriate internship/training position. You name a business field and geographical region, and we will take care of the rest! 
Application takes from a few days to several weeks depending on the time of the year and cases, do not hesitate to ask our agent. Italian companies participating in the internship program do not require a minimum Italian language proficiency level of high intermediate in order to accept individuals into the program. They do require a minimum of a 6-week work commitment.

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Internship placements are available in the following fields:

The student will receive a certificate from the host company once the internship is finished.


In order to legally do an internship in Italy, you need to be able to provide a training agreement signed by your university or educational institution to demonstrate it is a curricular internship.
You can download a sample of the training agreement here
European Citizens do not need any kind of visa to do an internship in Italy.

U.S. citizens or Canadians travelling on regular passports for tourism or business do not need a visa for a stay of 90 days or less. Those planning to stay for a longer time need to obtain a visa in advance of arrival.

Our internship program process

  1. Application – Apply in the following link: Apply for our premium programs 
  2. Program Registration fee – To confirm registration, Spain Internship collects the application fee from a student. The registration fee is €100
  3. Skype Admittance Consultation – The candidate will partake in a Skype consultation with one of our agents and solve any questions as well as confirm requirements and criteria.
  4. Internship proposal.
  5. Final Payment - 590 €
  6. Documentation 
  7. Placement Process

Other services


Depending on the field, we can help you to get a room in a shared flat, student residence, or it may be included in your internship benefits. 
You should check the different programs in order to check the different benefits.

English Language Course (optional)

Although good English language proficiency is required, many participants may wish to sharpen their language skills. There are a lot of English language schools that are much more affordable than those offered in domestic catalogues.  Internships Italy helps you to find an appropriate language school, which suits you best. 

Prices of our programs in Italy

Internship or Training Placement 

The following price is for individuals. In case you want to get a group quotation, contact us.

Deposit 100 € 
Rest of the fees 590 €


The full fee is payable upon the signing of the Internship Agreement with the host company.


  • If the participant cancels after the placement confirmation, he/she is obliged to complete the payment, as Internships Italy has already provided its service successfully.
  • Substitute participants are not permitted because Internships Italy provides personalized Internship/Training placements.
  • Violation of the program's terms and conditions can lead to contract cancellation by Spain Internship without any refund.

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